Bacon is a meat type thats made of the ars of the pig, the spot might be unplessent but it tastes so good no one cares.


The food is so epic people make it into super effective pies, soups and a million other epic tasting meals. Even the best chefs use it. Its also one of the most magical things in the world, even Gandalfs staff is 45% bacon powered.

Bacons epicness level is even higher than Chuck Norrises and can sometimes provide you invonorability and even greater super-powers.

Bacon is also very artistic, you can make paintings of it. Just eat 100 000 000 bacon strips and then use your own blood to paint an painting SUPER EFFECTIVE! Bacon has also been destroying korppufin´s throat sinsce 2010.

So remember kids if your mom ever makes bacon, remember to stuff your face with bacon emedietly its done.

G´day people and dont forget to read more trivia like Pig´s Nature stuff ep1 and Seal´s Nature stuff ep2

Baced sandwich

The epic magic you can do with macon

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