This page is about the relation ships of Cake and other wikia users. Feel free to add yourself and edit this page?

Cakedude and Brandon

Cake and Brandon are friends. Al tough there interactions are short and limited. They both also seem to have a strong attraction to woman.

Cakedude222 and CCG

Cake and CCG are friends, but they did have a few conflicts.

Cakedude and Irnakk

Cake and Irnakk are enemies. Due to Irnakk gettiing annoyed by the pm's Cake usually sends him due to Irnakk having no interest in what Cake admires. Cake also hates how Irnakk insults people from where Cake is from (Las Vegas). Still there are a couple of times when they can be good friends for like... 2 minutes.

Cakedude and Korp

Cake and Korp are friends. But sometimes they are rude to each other which happens in rare occasions. The small conflicts are usualy about things like money and school system makes Korppufin a bit angry becouse of some things like chatting on an iPad in school, but they are good friends.

Cakedude and Lego721

Cakedude and Lego721 are friends. When the wiki was created they had longer interactions. Recently Lego721 has become Semi-active which caused Cake and Lego to have smaller interactions.

Cakedude and Soup

Cakedude and Soup are not what you would dscribe as "Friends", due to Cake telling everyone on Brickipedia a rumor he had heard about Soup's gender. They really dont have much interactions. Rarely, is the time when they have a friendly interaction.

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