Welcome back to nature stuff! AND 1 litlle notice before! Go and vote for the pig´s vs seal´s becouse its gonna end soon!

This episode we learn about... dirt. Dirt is a form of stuff.. well nature stuff found in nature. Nature is a soft form of soil
Dirt 1
thats mostly seen in the upper layers of planet earth. Your house and school and work place are propably built on this stuff, or if not theyre base is propably dug down to the stone bits. Dirt is mostly thought to be dirty, well if you didnt know that was true you where an imbesill.

There is not mutch to say about dirt expect its... well your kind uses it as an platform to grow plants, whys that? i hear you ask. Well thats becouse the plants you plant to this stuff cant really grow enywhere else than dirt.

Dirt is actualy quite interesting of an matter when you look at other animals like pigs.. They like to dig it for food. Dirt
Dirt 2
is pure epicnes. Its also the only thing Chuck Norris eats expect Bacon .


  • Dirt wants you to walk on it so it can munch on your feet.
  • Our planet is over 20% Dirt.
  • ...Dirt is dirty
  • Humans and other animals bodys turn into dirt when burried (but this needs time AND NO COFFIN!)
  • Dirt is... yeah

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And the upcoming trivia: Cameleonts, Cows and Puffins.

And just 1 litlle announcement. Im gonna stop Nature stuff to ep6 thats gonna be something quet exiting.

SHODOWN´z Ep 2 and 3 coming in the rare end of this summers. (Aka the end of July and August, im telling you August is gonna be exiting)
A riming thing that has nothing to do with dirt.

A riming thing that hasnt got enything to do with dirt (skirt).

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