I decide who wins NOBODY ELSE!

Elimenation Table
User Team Place
Irnakk NO TEAM 22nd
Xxgreenbunnyxx Toxic Cats 21st
Normfrog Cake_is_really_really_really_cool 20th
KurtsieGirlForever2 Screaming Guitar 19th
Obi_the_LEGO_Fan Screaming Guitar 18th
ToaMeiko Crazy Puffin 17th
RaginTofu Crazy Puffin 16th
Jdude420 Cake is really really really cool 15th
Hunterkiller1440 Cake is really really really cool 14th
Chipika123 Screaming Guitar 13th
Nxtstep101 Toxic Cats 12th
HERROZAEL Toxic Cats 11th
JadeGagaOlly Crazy Puffin 10th
Cakedude222 Cake is really really really cool 9th
Allypuppi88 Screaming Guitar 8th
ToaSnicket98 Toxic Cats 7th
Brandon1500 Crazy Puffin 6th
Taylor_Swifts_Number_One_Fan Cake is really really really cool 5th
Lego721 Toxic Cats 4th
Korppufin Crazy Puffin 3rd
Shadowfax123 Screaming Guitar 2nd
Legobrickelijah Cake is really really really cool 1st! WINNER!

Season 2 coming this fall..... p.s. If you did not make it far this season chances you are in next season!

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