Irnakk's current avatar


How Irnakk gets what he wants

Irnakk is a brickipedian that Cake doesnt always really get along with. "In my opinion he is more of a WoW freak

What irnakk looks like when he wakes up

than a LEGO one", Says Aaron.

He loves pie and usually trolls people by saying "Because I'm Batman" or "Because Batman came to your house".


Irnakk isnt a real name, so dont name your child Irnakk 

Irnakk loves bananas and waffles everyday

Go Lemmiwinks, stop Wikileaks!

Irnakk likes pants

Irnakk has a crush on a Night Elf from WoW

Irnakk forgot to watch Thrally World Cup

Irnakk is preatty a preatty cool guy.

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