Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock - Judy Nails00:38

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock - Judy Nails

Judy Nails

Judy Nails in GH6:WoR

Judy Nails (Judith Ann Taylor) was born to a single mother in June 28 1979. Even at a young age she showed signs that she would later become one of the most scandalized GHs in the world. In 1991 she ran away and stole money from her mom's purse.Shortly after Judy started a band known as "The Nail Guners" in late 1991. The band she had started broke up in early 1997. In late 1997 Judy's mother died which caused Judy to move to New York City. She rocked in every band she could in New York City, but she would get kicked out of the bars for oftenly throwing bottles at haters. In 1999 she started dating Johny Napalm. In mid 2004 Judy started working with Red Octane to create one of the world's most popular music game series known as: Guitar Hero. After discovering most of her fans were perverted guys in early 2007 she decided to become uglier than she got her old figure in 2008 but so did the drugs come along. Finally in early 2009 she realeased her album that made her into a total failure. The album was titled: "Buy This Album or I'll F***** Throw A Bottle At You". In 2011 she retired from music and became a chef and later married Johny Napalm.

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