Hello and welcome back to nature stuff where we absorve animals from too close and usualy get smacked and slapped and sawed and scratched. So win win for us and you get a good laugh eh?
Koala 1

Never ever have a stearing competision with Koala´s, it goes creepy after a while.

This time we are absorving Koalas and before you start wining that Koalas are bears!, i will tell you that bears are not closely releative to Koalas. Koalas are these rare but cute gray things with white bellys climbing on trees and hardly ever coming down. While getting all this information we got mocked my a group of angry Australian footbal fans and almost got squashed under the tree where the Koalas roamed.

Koalas eat eykalyptys, belive me its really hard to spell right. Eykalyptys is a tree that Koalas come and ravage with theire axes and then they eat the leaves. Koalas also have the wierd habit of sleeping 60% of theire life! Thats why you never see a Koala, they also take too much Coca-Cola to say anything sensible to you.

But heres the best tip for you. If you ever see a Koala with a baby on its back, never go and annoy the bigger one becouse then.. well they schratch you very hard.
Koala 2


Also remember not to use drugs kids, it´s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Also dont go near koalas if theyre grumpy, it huuuurts.

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