By the way, if you know something about him not included in this page please add the information. Thank you for your posible co-opperation.

In real life Korppufin is a Finnish guy whose mostly seen in Brickipedia at day time in Finland (aka 2 hours ahead British time)

In the world of wiki this Korppufin is not related to the other Korppufin in internet and not linked by anything. He's a Finnish guy who loves being in the internet and playing video games. Unlike some people in this wiki he's not christian in his own terms, he thinks that if your christian the bible should not be followed literaly. But because he's not a christian he doesn't think he should talk more about this. He doesnt really like creationists and doesn't usually go well with religious people but still manages to be in this wiki without getting stabbed with a million pitchforks.

The Brickipedian Korppufin´s probably a friend of the wikis owner Cakedude222, even he isnt sure.

He also might be puffin or a total herpderp. No one knows why he sits in a sun chair like that in his old brickipedia avatar

Pretty derpy or what?

Wiki stuff

He started his wiki account March 8th 2012 since he finally had the brains and nerve to do so, he was a freak without avatar in the chat first. In a short time he became just a freak in the chat.

In brickipedia his level of editing is horrible, he sucks at most of the things he does (execpt doing what he likes) and is mostly a bad person if you look at him inside its brain. Most people think he's...ok but he doesnt give a word for those becouse he dosnt even know half the people expect some intense chats in the chat.

He's become shortly famous in brickipedia by making cube dudes but he did kinda dump it and everyone who didnt talk with him in chat with daily bases forgot him. Now he;s here and was summoned by a top secret PM Message.

He's pretty active if you look at it that way...


[If you know something about this.. emm person.. if you can call him that, feel free to add something] Im not a Puffin, seriously

The Fin in the end should be whritten with []s but it means im from Finland

What Korppu means

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