This page is all about seals then.

Welcome back to the wierd documentarys im going to be doing for some time.

A young seal thinking should he eat your face or not.

Seals are absolutely adorable creatutures that live in land/water or hunt in water but live in land, its qiuet hard please edit it if you can. But be warned, theyre adorable outside might ruin the 2 suprises whaiting for you. The 1st is that inside they taste preatty good but theyre mostly illegal to hunt so dont eat them, and the 2nd one is theyre beasts after all so even do they have no legs to chacth up with you in a chase they can still bite your legs of using theyre majestic and adorable looking theet lokated at theyre you guessed it MOUTH. They also use theyre majestic theet to hunt for fish and burgers if you give them that but dont give them that they get a bad stomach decease and will barf a lot

Seals can be derpy too.

of stuff in your face, so dont do it. There are many types of seal around the world, like the eared seal. That adorable looking seal has ears flopping in its head, the other seals dont have ears outside theyre head but do have them inside theyre cute litlle bal shaped head. There are many seal animals like the sea leopard that are freakishly dangerous beasts that can bite you in to a pig bloody goda cheese.
Afraid you are young dummy

These are sea leopards.

Then there are the.. emm other seal animals that are not so adorable but more derpy. Theres example down there.

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