Tip of the Day From Korp

  • Kids Don't do drugs

CDD Report!!!


A picture taken by Lego721

They are coming. They are closer than you think. They might be even all around you. They are Flypoo's! Flypoo's come from a cross breeding Labatory in Ontario, Canada. "The project was originally gonna be for war with China", Says Irnakk a sciencetest who was working on The Flypoo Project. Lego721 reported being attacked by a Flypoo weeks ago. Flypoos have been seen in Canada, U.S.A, Europe and Africa. 

Celebrity Cake Slice


Demi Lovato is my wife! Says BP.


Ally Brooke Hernandez is my ex-wife! Says BP.

Ally Brooke has broken up with BP a few days earlier. Now BP has married Demi Lovato. "We are planning to have a child", says Demi. Sightings of Demi kissing with Johny Depp have been reported all around California. Many people think that BP and Demi will eventually divorce in the

What BP may look like in Lego form.


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