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Teletubbie Classic "Dipsy's Hat"03:18

Teletubbie Classic "Dipsy's Hat"

those horrifying creatures called TELETUBBIES! Preatty mutch enything scary.)

A story about a Punk Girl and 1D

Judy Nails was black mailing 1D about how horrible and stupid their songs were. One day 1D decided to kidnap Judy. They kept her in the basement and only gave her food from Burger King. She learned many 1D secrets while being in the basement they had locked her. The most shocking secret was that 1D is actaully a girl band. Judy was later rescued by a guy who broke in the house and stole some very valuebale things that belonged to the guys *cough* girls of 1D.

S.S.S Some Scary Sh*t.

This is a storie about a litlle pre-teen mother trucker in teletubbie land.

Once upon a time a 12 years old litlle energy drink using and baseball cap whearing brat was driving his litlle BMX down the road and then he was hit by an ugly TV monitor. He said Wha da fyg And got sucked in to the ugly TV. He was knocked unconscious by the fact he was inside the TV. When he waked up he saw a wierd and colorfull and preatty fake looking land that looked like it whould have been stolen straight from an 90´s TV show. He walked around the really ugly and fake landscape and saw a green hatimal heading towards him. The spoiled litlle brat said to the green piece of **** : Yo nice hat! NOT! and punched the crap out of the light green thing. He was terrified to the fact that the yellow hatted thing he just beat up got up and said: Again, again!

He was so terrified he ran off. He ran and ran and then he saw it. The most horrible thing in the whole universe, so horrible no word expect OMFG could say how horrible it is. IT WAS A FREAKY GLOWING HEAD IN THE PLACE OF THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG thats horrific


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