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Unt3RdRück3R is a user of wikia.

Info about him

Unt3RdRück3R (Previously HERROZAEL) is a user who rarely talks because he is unconversable and likes to "walk in wikia's chats". Many users don't know that and ask him why he doesn't talk much/doesn't talk they think that he is spy/lurker/stalker... (or even "creeper"). His name is Deon. His birthday at 25/12/91. He is Austrian. He knows German, Russian (learned in school), English (learned in The Internet), And a little Spanish and Polish languages. At first Cake hated him for calling Katie "Wierd". But over the time Cake's anger towards HERRO died down. Spanishs interested in him for his small activity in 2 spanish chats. Has edits in many wikies, and creating his own profiles in English/German in some wikies like [1] here and [2] here



He doesn' t talk much in the chats. ^

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